Pedersen, Gine Cornelia: Null
Novel, 181 pages, 2013, Forlaget Oktober

Winner of the Tarjei Vesaas Debut Prize 2013

What can happen if you are completely open to the world? If there are no limits to what you will do? The young girl in Zero is willing to go very far in her pursuit of a life where she is totally present, completely filled up, where she is somebody. Gine Cornelia Pedersen’s debut is an exuberant and explosive novel about vulnerability, joy, desperation, hope and lack of limits.

Praise for ZERO:

«Pedersen has written a bomb crater of a novel … Like listening to a punk rock singel … written in a kind of impossible present tense where short sentences, almost all of which start with «I», tear along without a single full stop … The word “I” functions like an alternative full stop or a mantra, but sentence by sentence, this “I” constantly encompasses contradictory feelings or impulses – rambling, consuming relationships only to spit them out again in the next moment”

“A raw story about struggling against madness and trying to grow up … Pedersen shows courage as well as confident writing skills. In addition, she puts humorous threads into all the tragedy, giving the story more to play on. It feels liberating reading about crazy, unsympathetic women who fuck, fight and get high, in a manner that male characters have had the the habit of doing for centuries. It provides a welcome counterweight against the otherwise very well-behaved women in the Norwegian Public”

“Incredible punch and power! … There are times, as a reviewer, that you forget the work’s shortcomings and flaws, to let yourself be consumed by an insisting narrative voice. This happens in Gine Cornelia Pedersen’s debut novel, which is a firework out of control: a shower of light bursts out to all sides, and the rockets can hit anywhere – and they do … If the novel starts out like a formal experiment, the readers is quickly pulled into the style and the story, which is the kind of train that stops for nothing … When it’s all over, after about 184 rather quickly read pages, the book relaxes its grip on us, but we won’t relax our grip of this book.”

“A stylistically confident, furious racer of a novel. This, however, is no classical tale of finding yourself. The great need to get to the core of everything, try everything, expose everything around you is the motor of this book … The main character doesn’t spare anything, neither physically or mentally. She goes full speed in all directions, and throws herself head first into everything. We don’t pity her, but she shows both tenderness and an interesting strength … the beat-like form is very well executed, interesting and well-composed”

“Pedersen makes her debut with an explosive novel … Zero us an occasionally funny novel, with elements of black humour. In the parts from the psychiatric clinic, in particular, there are episodes between the patiens that make you chuckle … The novel bursts with energy and will power”
Vårt Land

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