Three of our authors nominated for the 2009 Critics' Prize

Karl Ove Knausgård's MY STRUGGLE - FIRST BOOK and Ingrid Storholmen's CHERNOBYL STORIES are both nominated in the category Best Adult Fiction, whereas Endre Lund Eriksen's SUPER is among the nominees for the Best Book for Children and Young Adults.

There are four nominees in each category, and the winners will be announced on March 4.

A dizzying description of death opens Knausgård’s widely acclaimed MY STRUGGLE - FIRST BOOK. From there it continues with the writer Karl Ove Knausgård’s struggle to master life and himself and his own literary ambitions. The novel describes the young person’s sensitivity and insecurity, as he observes and experiences the presence and considerations of other human beings with an openness which is extreme and almost self-effacing. MY STRUGGLE - FIRST BOOK won the 2009 Brage Award and was elected Book of the Year 2009 in Morgenbladet. It is also nominated for the 2010 Nordic Council's Literary Prize. So far the novel has been sold to seven foreign publishers.

Through a number of different voices and situations, CHERNOBYL STORIES shows us the consequences of the worst nuclear reactor accident of our time, in the spring of 1986. Forgetting Chernobyl is failing to emphasize the risk of nuclear power. This novel was also nominated for the 2009 Brage Award.

Julie in SUPER is fourteen years old, and she’s already sick of being her. She’s had it with being anxious and alone. This summer she will change. Mum and dad think she’s going away on a summer camp. But Julie has other plans. For a week she will stay home all by herself and do exactly what she wants. Get drunk. Get a tattoo. Drive a car. Get to know somebody. Kiss. SUPER has so far been sold to Germany and Holland.

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