Per Petterson’s OUT STEALING HORSES named best book of the decade by Norway's largest newspaper

Dag Solstad, Carl Frode Tiller, Karl Ove Knausgård and Anne B. Ragde also make the top 10 of VG's prestigious list.

Petterson’s OUT STEALING HORSES came out victorious in VG’s list of the 10 best Norwegian books of the first decade of this century. The jury calls the book “an unusually captivating and rich read.” Earlier this month Petterson was named among the 100 best books of the decade by The Times (UK).

4th on the list was Dag Solstad’s autobiographical 16.07.41, of which the jury said “A deeply gripping book where [Solstad] with open eyes enters the last phase of his writer’s career; Confronting his own life. Finishing.”

Carl Frode Tiller’s prizewinning ENCIRCLEMENT came 6th, “an intense read,” according to the jury, where Tiller writes with “a rare fire [and a] razor sharp eye for relations between people.”

Taking the 7th spot on the list, Karl Ove Knausgård’s critical sensation MIN KAMP 1 was hailed as an “intimate and agonizing” novel, “unbelievably well written”.

Anne B. Ragde’s THE BERLIN POPLARS, the highest selling novel this decade, finished 10th. The jury calls it a “riveting novel”, and praises Ragde’s “unique gift of seeing other people”.

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