Arne Lygre and Kjersti Vik win prizes

Novelist and playwright Arne Lygre has won the Mads Wiel Nygaard Endowment for 2009. Kjersti Vik has won the Aschehoug Debutant Grant 2009.

Arne Lygre won the endowment for his entire work. In their statement, the jury wrote: "Arne Lygre has been a renowned playwright for a long time, both in Norway and abroad. With his novels and short stories, he has established himself as an important and essential voice in the literary landscape."

Arne Lygre made his debut as a playwright with Mummy and Me and Men in 1998 and has since published five plays. His plays have been translated into ten languages and staged both at home and abroad. In 2004 Lygre published the short story collection Time Inside, which earned him the prestigious Brage Prize. Last year's My Dead Man is his second novel.

Kjersti Vik made her debut in 2009 with the novel Mandø. In their statement, the jury wrote: "Kjersti Vik's literary debut Mandø is well composed and epic in its drive. Her prose is exceptionally precise, and her portrayal of young people and the mechanisms of group psychology is impressive."

Kjersti Vik has a master's degree in literature and has been a literary critic in the renowned region paper Bergens Tidende. She currently lives i Stavanger.

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