The Chinese Challenge

Bekkevold, Jo Inge and Torstein Hjellum: Den kinesiske utfordringen

The death of Deng Xiaoping and the transfer of Hong Kong made 1997 a year to remember for China. This book describes the most important events during Deng?s rule. The title, THE CHINESE CHALLENGE, indicates that China?s increased influence on international politics poses a challenge to the established world view in which the West is perceived as hub and centre; further, that economic growth during the last twenty years has created great tensions in Chinese society, undermining the stability of the country; and finally, that China?s increasing influence constitutes a challenge to our lack of knowledge of, and insight into, Chinese culture, philosophy and politics.

THE CHINESE CHALLENGE is a collection of essays with contributions by 16 leading Norwegian academic authorities on China, and it is divided into four parts covering topics such as Hong Kong, foreign policy, politics and society as well as culture and ideology. As the book presents a broad introduction to subjects that are both interesting and wide-ranging, it should be useful and interesting for businessmen, public servants, students and anyone with a general interest in modern China. The authors claim that increased knowledge in the fields of politics, philosophy and culture is necessary if we are to enter into a constructive dialogue with contemporary China and understand its economic growth. This book goes some way towards meeting that need.

These essays provide a deeper insight into this immense nation with its ancient culture and give us a unique opportunity to acquire such knowledge in an instructive, intelligent and informative manner.

About the editors: Jo Inge Bekkevold is completing his dissertation in political science at the Norwegian Institute for Political Research. He studied at the University of Beijing, China, between 1994 and 1996.

Torstein Hjellum is senior lecturer at the Institute for Comparative Politics, University of Bergen, and has previously published: Kinesisk politikk: Fra opiumskrig til Deng Xiaoping (POLITICS IN CHINA; FROM THE OPIUM WARS TO DENG ZIAOPING), 1995.

Publisher: Tano Aschehoug AS 1997
ISBN: 82-518-3617-4
275 pages, hardback

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