The Role of the Entrepreneur in Social Change in Northern Norway

Barth, Fredrik (ed.): The Role of the Entrepreneur in Social Change in Northern Norway

This book attempts to analyse the role and effects of entrepreneurship in the social system of various local communities in Northern Norway. It seeks to explain the course of recent social change with reference to factors which structure both the activities elicit from other members and groups in the local community.

The essays are working papers which attempt to explore some of the problems involved in entrepreneurship and its close association with general leadership and the social structure of communities. In the activities of the entrepreneur one may recognise processes which are fundamental to social stability and change, and a focus on entrepreneurial activity can thus provide an analytical key to a dynamic study of society. The essays present anthropological field material on the form and context of entrepreneurial activity in a few local communities in Northern Norway, partly so as to provide detailed case material on enterprises and social change, partly to explore the adequacy of certain theoretical viewpoints on the material.

First published: 1972, Universitetsforlaget

Language: English

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