The Faces of Secularism

Bangstad, Sindre: Sekularismens ansikter

In the last few years secularism has been the topic of increasing attention in international academic literature. Secularism is studied within philosophy, religious sociology, anthropology and political science, and is of current interest in the Norwegian as well as the European public debate.
THE FACES OF SECULARISM is a knowledgeable and thought-provoking introduction to secularism: the term, the theories and their foundations and the different faces of secularism in the real world. The book gives a unique insight into the history of secularism and what secularism is. It introduces some of the most central theorists of secularism in modern time, like Charles Taylor, Talal Asad, John Rawls, Abdullahi Ahmed an-Na’im and Jürgen Habermas, and illustrates “non-Western” experiences with secularism in India and South Africa.

First published: 2009, Universitetsforlaget
Sindre Bangstad: Biography and Bibliography

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