See Us - A Young Norwegian-Somali Woman Sounds the Alarm

Aden, Amal: Se oss - Bekymringsmelding fra en ung norsk-somalisk kvinne

This thought-provoking book provides an insider’s report of the state of things in the Norwegian-Somali population. The author uses different genres. “The Year Yasmin Grew Up” is a documentary story where we follow a Somali girl in Oslo the year she turns 14. In the second part of the book Aden discusses a number of problematic characteristics of the environment she has grown up in. Never one to shy away from making provoking generalizations, Aden offers a devastating critique, but she has a constructive aim: Women and children in immigrant circles must have the same legal protection, the same liberties and the same possibilities as everybody else in the society they live in.

"This book is a punch in the face.”

”Even if only a few of the things in this book are correct, we have an important job to do.”
(Reidar Hjermann, Norwegian Ombudsman for children)

First published: Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Amal Aden: Biography and bibliography

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