Women of the World - A Liberation Handbook

Ås, Berit: Kvinner i alle land - Håndbok i frigjøring

Feminist, politician and social psychologist Berit Ås is famous for identifying the use of ”the five master suppression techniques” used mainly by men against women in politics, at work and in other public situations. In a revised and updated edition of her 1981 classic, she deals with this issue, as well as the invisible women’s culture, women’s relationship to male dominated institutions and women’s rebellions, actions and strategies for cooperation.

Clearly written and lucidly organized the book is the perfect practical handbook for all women struggling to break male dominance. Due to her background as both social psychologist and politician, Ås knows her subject from a practical as well as a theoretical perspective.

The Five Master Suppression Techniques

1. Make invisible:
Ignoring somebody is an effective way of keep them from particapating
2. Ridicule:
But you can’t be serious, my dear” - followed by a resigned laughter.
3. Withhold Information:
Important decisions are often made in male informal settings, such as the bar, the sauna, or the golf course.
4. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t:
If you work too much, you’re not a proper woman. If you work too little, you’re not doing your job properly.
5. Heap blame and put to shame:
Women generally have bad conscience due to conflicting roles, and hence easy targets for guilt and shame.

First published: 2008, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Berit Ås: Biography and bibliography

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