Fit Fish

Wergeland, Heidrun Inger: Frisk Fisk - om liv og død i merdene

Full title: Fit Fish. On Life and Death in the Ponds

Since its cautious beginnings in the 1960s, Norwegian fish-farming has developed into a major industry. In 1995, seven thousand million kroner’s worth of salmon and trout was exported. With its knock-on effects on refining and services, it is calculated that the fish-farming industry now provides the equivalent of 14,000 full-time jobs in Norway.
In the early 1980s, Norwegian fish-farmers began to experience disease and high mortality amongst the salmon population. In some years disease in farms could cause losses totalling close to one thousand million kroner. In addition, wild fish were being infected by escapees from the farms. Fit Fish discusses the paths of infection, symptoms and effects of a number of fish diseases caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites. New studies have pin-pointed important risk factors in the development of epidemics on farms. Research has also yielded new vaccines and better foundations for farm planning and hygiene. The book advocates concrete precautionary measures and procedures for reducing the danger of disease.
The book is written by Norway’s leading researchers in the field, and is lavishly illustrated. It should appeal to everyone involved in fish-farming, fisheries management and fisheries research, as well as fishermen and others who are concerned about marine resources.

First published: 1996, Universitetsforlaget

Heidrun Inger Wergeland: Biography and bibliography

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