General Physics for Universities and Colleges

Lillestøl, Egil and Ola Hunderi and Jan R. Lien: Generell fysikk for universiteter og høgskole. Volum 2

This is the second of two basic physics textbooks for universities and colleges written by authors with extensive teaching experience from institutions of higher learning. Volume 2 covers thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, optics and electromagnetism.

Each topic is supplemented with a number of illustrative examples and each chapter has its own summary and a set of exercises. The examples and exercises were mostly chosen to illustrate practical problems. Each chapter opens with an introduction of key terms, illustrated by examples. After this, the mathematics involved is set out. The book may therefore be used at several levels and for several purposes: it is not necessary to read the book from first to last page. Essays written by prominent physicists provide further perspectives on the material.

First published: 2001, Universitetsforlaget

Egil Lillestøl: Biography and bibliography
Ola Hunderi: Biography and bibliography
Gunnar Løvhøiden: Biography and bibliography

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