Zoological Diversity

Hågvar, Eline B.: Det zoologiske mangfoldet. Dyregruppenes systematikk, bygning og biologi

Full title: Zoological Diversity. The systematics, structure and biology of the species.

We are aware that only a very small fraction of the myriads of animal species in the world are known and have been described. Meanwhile, species are disappearing steadily, many of them before they are even systematised and classified.
If we want to preserve species, we also have to preserve their habitats. At present, species are disappearing at a relentless pace, largely as a result of the felling of tropical rain forests. A pessimistic estimate suggests that 0.5% of the earth’s animal and plant species become extinct each year. Is the diversity of species rapidly approaching an end?
Zoological Diversity describes the great global diversity of animal species, with Norway being given greatest emphasis. Following a brief introduction on the grouping and evolution of species, a study of all vertebrates and invertebrates, with concise descriptions of their structures and living habits is presented.
With its concentrated presentation, the book is aimed at readers with some basic knowledge of the subject. It is primarily intended for first year university and agricultural college students, as well as for students specializing in the sciences in teacher training programmes. The book is richly illustrated and provided with a glossary.

First published: 1998, Universitetsforlaget

Eline B. Hågvar: Biography and bibliography

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