Keeping the lights on. Fossil Fuels in the Century of Climate Change

Freund, Paul and Kårstad, Olav: Keeping the lights on. Fossil Fuels in the Century of Climate Change

"Keeping the lights on" starts where Al Gore stopped: What can we realistically do to prevent climate change? The answers are closely connected to the ways that we obtain and use energy.

This book will not only aid the readers to comprehend the huge challenge of climate change that we face, but also provide a solution to the problem. It acknowledges the importance of the capture and storage of CO2 in the prevention of climate change. The population explosion was made possible by technology and now technology is called for to mitigate the problems caused by an over-populated Earth.

The book is written for a wide audience who not necessarily need any pre-knowledge on the topic. It is an insightful, encouraging and intriguing read about the significant role technology is able to play.

Climate change is the energy and environmental issue for the 21st century. Written by two energy experts that I have great respect for, this book clearly and concisely presents the essential facts about both energy systems and climate change.
It is a must for anyone who wants to be well informed on these topics.
Dr. Howard Herzog Program, Manager for the MIT Carbon Sequestration Initiative.

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