The Ice Age World

Andersen, Bjørn G. and Harold W. Borns Jr.: The Ice Age World

This book provides a condensed and popularized introduction to the fascinating history of the ice age - the geological history of the past 2.5 million years. Dramatic changes of climate and landscapes have occured during this period, drastically affecting the conditions of plant, animal and human life.
The content of this book is designed to stimulate interest in the ice age world without being encyclopedic in scope. Rather than attempting to cover all ice age phenomena on a global scale, the book focuses primarily on broadly selected and clarifying examples which should both inform and intrigue the reader.
The text is thoroughly suitable for introductory courses in Quaternary geology and physical geography at college and undergraduate university levels. More than 200 excellent color photographs and illustrations, along with numerous clarifying graphs, have been included to illuminate the text. The book can therefore be read without difficulty by anyone interested in landscape history or environmental issues, and by anyone who wants to know how scientists have solved some of the mysteries of the ice age world.

First published: 1997, Universitetsforlaget
Language: English

Bjørn G. Andersen: Biography and bibliography
Harold W. Borns Jr: Biography and bibliography

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