Lee, Sonja: Sesonger

The basic premise of Sonja Lee's cookbook is that the best food is made from ingredients that are naturally in season. She has devoted an entire chapter to each season, and provides recipes for tempting dishes that may also be combined to form whole menus. This enables the reader to compose and serve a balanced, appetizing meal consisting of an hors d'oevre, a main course and a dessert. The instructions are simple and easy to follow.
Master of the culinary art that she is, the author generously shares with her readers her exhaustive knowledge of the seasons and the foods most appropriate to them. Her year is transformed into a succession of tasty dishes inspired by the cuisines of southern Europe - of Provence, the Riviera and northern Italy.
The book is mouthwateringly illustrated by photographs taken by Morten Brun.
CD version available for foreign editions.

First published: 2001, Aschehoug Non-Fiction

Sonja Lee: Biography and bibliography

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