The Matrix of Man

Kjærstad, Jan: Menneskets matrise Articles and essays.

What singled out Norwegian novels of the 1980s? In this book Jan Kjærstad provides his viewpoint, and tries to become part of the creation of the myth.
In retrospect, the Eighties seem to have been characterised by consolidation, cautious probing into unknown literary landscapes, and by trial and error. Many authors used these years in the enormous effort required to do an about face, from the past to the future.
The discussions, articles and essays in this collection are written by a man who is in transit, they are theses in a learning process and are not meant as definitive opinions. The introductions and notes form their own small history of the literary Eighties as they appeared to an author who made his debut in 1980.

First published: 1989, Aschehoug
Jan Kjærstad: Biography and bibliography

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