Subterranean Rome - Criss-crossing the City beneath the City

Hauken, Aage: Det underjordiske Roma - På kryss og tvers i byen under byen

“Subterranean Rome is a way of approaching ancient Rome which is just as comprehensive and interesting as everything the eye can see above the ground. We have been able to look the ancients straight in the eye in numerous places, thanks to all the art and décor that has been kept under ground, because the new was built on top of the old, without erasing the traces of the past. And these are the traces that provide us with a direct encounter with real life in classical times: with patricians and plebeians, rich and poor, slaves and free men, citizens and immigrants, women and men, children and adults, hungry and content.”
(Aage Hauken in the introduction)

SUBTERRANEAN ROME presents a part of the eternal city of the past, that can be fully explored today. In fact the greater part of what remains of the ancient capital of the Roman Empire is now to be found underground: private houses, apartment buildings, temples, graves, military camps, fire stations, palaces and many other structures. And outside the walls are the catacombs with their numerous secrets.

Father Aage Hauken guides the reader through the city below the city. Taking a chronological approach, he starts with the Roman Kingdom and the Roman Republic, continues with the Roman Empire, before finally reaching Christian Rome, the way it looked at the time when Constantine founded a new capital in Byzantium.

First published: 2008, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Aage Hauken: Biography and bibliography

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