Piemonte Bliss. A Journey of Food and Wine

Børresen, Bibbi and Klaus Hagerup: Lykke i Piemonte. En mat- og vinreise

PIEMONTE BLISS is the sequel to BLACK ROOSTERS AND WILD BOARS. A JOURNEY OF FOOD AND WINE IN CHIANTI (2005). Piemonte is in the northwestern parts of Italy, and like Tuscany, Piemonte is famous for its beauty, its kitchen and its amazing wines. The book is filled with Klaus Hagerup’s personal and humorous travelogues and Bibbi Børresen’s recipes and useful facts about the places, restaurants, vineyards and wines. In addition, there are Norwegian talkshow host and illustrator Fredrik Skavlan’s characteristic illustrations of the people and experiences and Tom Karlsen’s wonderful photos of food and scenery.
A beautiful book for anyone who enjoys food, wine or Italy.

First published: 2009, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Bibbi Børresen and Klaus Hagerup: Biography and Bibliography

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