All you should know about Norway

: Alt du bør vite om Norge

An extensive reference book about Norway as a travel destination


All you should know about Norway is perfect for everyone wanting to discover Norway. You’ll find thousands of interesting landmarks and activities from all over the country. The book also makes some detours off the beaten tracks, presenting many of Norway’s unknown travel destinations.

This book’s 600 pages are generously illustrated with maps and more than 700 photographs. All the landmarks ands sights within each county are presented in alphabetical order and provided with exciting information for the traveller. All the various activities in Norway are listed and sorted. The book also provides relevant internet addresses.

All you should to know about Norway is a beauty of a book, which above all serves as inspirational reading material for travellers and adventurers.

There are also the All you should know-guides , six handy pocket books, presenting selected destinations briefly described, with detailed pocket maps and inspiring photographs.

First published: 2007, Aschehoug

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