Eriksen, Thomas Hylland and Dag O. Hessen: Egoisme

Nowadays biological causation explanations of what man is loom large in the public consciousness. Beneath the thin veneer of civilization, we are told, we are animals and, at bottom, selfish. This book approaches the question of man’s egotism in a variety of ways. Dag O. Hessen explores the realm of biology, from genetics to ecological systems, and discusses the relationship between egotism and cooperation on different levels. Thomas Hylland Eriksen takes the reader on a journey into the world’s cultural multiplicity and asks whether any common features exist to indicate that man is a born egoist. With no little fervour, knowledge is brought to bear from widely varied fields, with the emphasis just as much on the questions as on the answers.

First published: 1999

Thomas Hylland Eriksen: Biography and bibliography
Dag O. Hessen: Biography and bibliography

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