Charmer and Tyrant

Dahl, Alv A. and Aud Dalsegg: Sjarmør og Tyrann. Et innsyn i psykopatenes og ofrenes verden

Full title: Charmer and Tyrant. An Insight into the World of Psychopaths and Their Victims

At the moment the West is witnessing people with psychopathic personalities being turned into the heroes of books, films and television series. Our norms and standards of behaviour and our attitudes towards people are being influenced by this. We have witnessed a tendency to regard toughness and selfishness as both positive and necessary character traits. If, on the other hand, we consider it dangerous to nurture such characteristics, we ought to try to limit this affirmative view of psychopathic conduct.
Psychopaths and those with psychopathic traits are some of the most difficult individuals with whom we have to deal. They plague society with violence, exploitation, deceit, self-importance and denial of responsibility. They are fathers, mothers, spouses, bosses, workmates; violent brutes or white-collar criminals.
This book describes psychopathy both in theoretical terms and with examples taken from real life. The characteristics of this personality disorder are carefully examined, as are causality and distribution. The book also deals with how psychopathic personalities destroy the people around them, and there is advice on protection against their actions.
Those who work with, or are training to work with psychiatric disorders will derive great professional benefit from this book. The same applies to people who live or work with psychopaths, or have otherwise experienced a psychopath's tyranny. The authors have managed to combine academia and journalism in a way that increases the book's informative and technical value.

The Psychopathy Problem
Psychopathy is a personality disorder
Signs and symptoms of psycopathy
How to diagnose psychopathy
Pathological narcissism
The history of the concept of psychopathy
Epidemiology of psychopathy
The causes of psychopathy
Comorbidity, course and complications
Prevention, treatment and attitudes
Struck by the psychopath
How to deal with psychopaths

Praise for "Charmer and Tyrant":

”a necessary contribution to today’s Danish psychiatry, because it provides a broad introduction to the current international understanding of personality disorders…At first glance, one might fear that this is a self-help book for victims of psychopaths; this is far from the truth. It is an important book that introduces new understandings about personality disorders and psychopaths, unlike anything ever seen in Danish. Furthermore, it points to the fact that psychopathy is a reality that one necessarily has to deal with within therapeutic treatment. The book provides a basis for a reaction, and is warmly recommended.” (Videnskab og Praksis, Denmark)

“The book is strongly recommended for a reference library because of its comprehensive overview of what is known about psychopathy today.”
(Nordic Journal of Psychiatry)

“The authors have, in an admirable fashion, succeeded in speaking of and describing psychopaths matter-of-factly, but never morally disparagingly…. a textbook example of an outstanding academic book that can also fruitfully be read by the enlightened public. I am tempted to recommend all doctors, lawyers and public servants to read it. The book should also be read by everyone who is tormented by psychopaths at home, in organisations and at the work place….Buy the book, read it thoroughly and acquire more insight into the realities of life."
(Tidskrift for den Norske Lægeforening)

English translation available from Aschehoug Agency.

First published: 1997, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Alv A. Dahl : Biography and bibliography
Aud Dalsegg: Biography and bibliography

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