Action - Individual - Society

Christoffersen, Svein Aage: Handling - person - samfunn. En innføring i grunnlagsetikk for helse- og sosialfagene

Full title: Action - Individual - Society. An Introduction to Fundamental Ethics for Health and Social Studies

Recent years have witnessed a new and tangible growth of interest in ethics and ethical questions in many contexts. Whether we like it or not, most of us are now faced with social dilemmas both large and small, and these have an ethical dimension to them.
An introduction to fundamental ethics for health and social studies at college level clearly cannot hope to answer all the questions that spur us into turning to ethics nowadays. But it can point to some of the key questions, act as a guide to various opinions and attitudes, and indicate methods and assumptions that are important when analysing and evaluating ethical questions. The author maintains that the object is not to provide a ready-made solution to ethical problems, but to aid the development of the reader’s own understanding.
The book also addresses cardinal questions in the current discussion about moral ethics. It goes focuses on the recent interest in emotion and narrative in the ethical context, as well as on the relationship between ethics and gender. Society, too, has begun discussing ethical issues in a new way, and many people believe the welfare state is in crisis. Supporters of liberal theories, stressing the freedom of the individual, oppose the disciples of communalism, which place more importance on solidarity and society than on the individual.
This is a thorough and interesting work on an important, fast-developing subject.

First published: 1997, Universitetsforlaget

Languages: Swedish

Svein Aage Christoffersen: Biography and bibliography

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