Bogen, Bjarne and Ludvig A. Munthe: Immunologi

Immunology as a field of study and research is developing rapidly. It ranges from studies of molecular structures at the level of the angstrom to measurement of the immune system at the level of the whole organism. While this breadth makes immunology exciting, it makes it demanding, too. Immunology is essential for biologists and health workers. For biologists, an understanding of the molecular and cellular foundation of the immunological system is a sine qua non. For health workers, immunology is important to understand the mounting numbers of diseases with an immunological component.

This textbook is intended to satisfy the requirements of medical students in the area of immunology from the beginning to the end of their studies. It contains sufficient material on basic immunology to give students a sense of how the immune system actually functions. Clinical immunology covers infection immunology, allergies, autoimmune diseases, transplants and grafts, cancer immunology and congenital immune deficiency diseases. In addition, the book discusses blood type serology and transfusion medicine. It also has chapters on the immunology of the oral cavity and comparative immunology. Antibody-based measuring techniques, now so vital in many disciplines, are explored in a separate section.

The book boasts 398 illustrations and figures. To put flesh on the bones, so to speak, the section on basic immunology contains descriptions of several clinical cases. Although the book is written with the medical student in mind, it will clearly be of use for students of biology, odontology, veterinary medicine, bioengineering and nursing.

First published: 2000, Universitetsforlaget

Bjarne Bogen: Biography and bibliography
Ludvig A. Munthe: Biography and bibliography

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