Berge, Torkil and Arne Repål: Lykketyvene. Hvordan overkomme depresjon

Full title: Killjoys. How to Overcome Depression

“A plain shout for joy may seem an odd reaction to a book about something as hellishly brutal as depressions. Still, I cannot help myself. In fact, I am so enthused by this book that I’ll go as far as declaring it this year’s gift book in my private life.”
(From the preface to the Danish edition)

Depression has become the scourge of our time. According to the World Health Organization an incredible minimum of 100 million people suffer from depressive ailments - and the number affected by the depression of a friend, colleague or family member is, of course, far higher.
This book addresses all who wish to know more about depression: those who are themselves fighting it as well as their friends and families; but also those who have to deal with it in a professional capacity and those whose job it is to treat it. It is also directed at people who, although they are not directly involved with the problem, wish to know more about it. The aim is to afford a thorough but readily accessible insight into the nature of depression and to show what those afflicted can do to alleviate their sufferings.

The authors of “Killjoys” were awarded the 2002 Arthur Holmesland’s Prize for non-fiction for their ability to communicate specialist insight in an educational style, thus enlightening the reader in an exemplary manner.

Translations: Danish (Psykologisk Forlag)

First published: 2002, Aschehoug Non-Fiction

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Arne Repål: Biography and bibliography

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