Cramped Quarters and Open Spaces

Berge, Torkil and Arne Repål: Trange rom og åpne plasser. Hjelp til mestring av angst, panikk og fobier

Full title: "Cramped Quarters and Open Spaces. An Aid to Mastering Angst, Panic and Phobias"

Anxiety is something we all have experienced at some time or other. For many people, however, it is so overpowering and long-lasting that it adversely affects their family life, work and leisure. When angst gets the upper hand it is essential to do something about it. This book has been written to help all who wish to know more about the subject.
The authors aim to provide detailed and easily grasped answers to such questions as: What is angst? Why do people suffer from angst? How can one help oneself and where can one seek help to bring one's angst under control? The book also addresses problems such as angst in daily life, its causes, phobias, angst-induced panic, public speaking, depression, the opportunities inherent in suffering, self-help, the role of the family, medication and treatment.

Praise for "Cramped Quarters and Open Spaces":

"... a good book. The tone is optimistic, underlining that controlling angst is really possible." (Tidsskrift for den Norske Lægeforening)

" Cramped Quarters and Open Spaces represents something new in Norwegian psychology literature; it is a book with a high level of professionality, but it is not primarily targeting professionals. This book speaks to people suffering from angst." (Impuls)

Translations: Danish (Psykologisk Forlag)

First published: 1997, Aschehoug Non-Fiction

Torkil Berge: Biography and bibliography

Arne Repål: Biography and bibliography

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