Can I? From Dream to Realization

Arnesen, Liv and Jon Gangdal: Motivasjon og Mestring - Fra drøm til virkelighet

Where do I want to go? Who am I? What must I do to get to where I want to be? Where is the goal when I reach the peak?
Antarctic adventurer Liv Arnesen and Himalayan climber Jon Gangdal have both made many of their dreams come true. In this book they explain where they succeeded and where they failed, why things turned out as they did, and the necessity of setting specific goals, of planning and training, and of providing for sound leadership and companionship. They relate the experience gained from their hazardous expeditions to our own day-to-day existence and challenge us - at work and in our private lives. This is a book for anyone who desire to get that little bit extra out of life in terms of self-mastery and relations with other people.

English sample translation available from Aschehoug Agency.

First published: 2002, Aschehoug Non-Fiction

Liv Arnesen: Biography and bibliography
Jon Gangdal: Biography and bibliography

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