Life consciousness- being present in your own life

Anne-Lise Løvlie Schibbye: Livsbevissthet What’s the secret behind some people’s ability to create a life full of meaning and depth? To be able to master daily challenges with a sense of presence – to themselves and others? How do I perceive myself as a unique, independent human being? In other words; how do I increase my own life consciousness?

With existential philosophy as a backdrop, Anne-Lise Løvlie Schibbye demonstrates possibilities in our everyday life, for living the life we have been given. Her book is easily read, but at the same time deeply profound – it will definitively move the reader, also in the long term.

List of contents

Chapter 1 Existence
Chapter 2 Essence
Chapter 3 The unoriginal
Chapter 4 Objectification
Chapter 5 Objectification, Market and Alienation
Chapter 6 Unfree choices
Chapter 7 Free choices
Chapter 8 What is angst?
Chapter 9 Angst in everyday life
Chapter 10 Death
Chapter 11 Existential Love
Chapter 12 Love and the unoriginal
Chapter 13 About building love
Chapter 14 Conclusion
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