The U2 Affair. A True Story from the Cold War

Jacobsen, Alf R.: U2-affæren. Et drama fra den kalde krigen

On May 1st 1960 Francis Gary Powers flew his spy plane U2 from Peshawar, Pakistan, heading north. His termination was Bodø in Norway, almost 7,000 km away – the longest air raid ever made by an agent during the cold war. Powers’ plane was shot down, leading to dramatically increased tension between the two superpowers keeping each other at bay by having nuclear weapons. The case also proved problematic for the Norwegian government, as the plane had been on its way to the “flank country” Norway.
Writing about this cold war drama, Alf R. Jacobsen once again shows his superior skills at constructing real life thrillers. He has written a number of critically acclaimed books about the war in the north.

First published: 2009, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Alf R. Jacobsen: Biography and bibliography

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