Jacobsen, Alf R.: Scharnhorst

This is the dramatic story of one of the last battles fought between capital ships. It took place on Boxing Day 1943, when the German battleship Scharnhorst was sunk by Allied forces off the North Cape. A decisive victory for the Allies, for the German navy the sinking was an unmitigated disaster. Of the battleship's youthful complement of 1968, only 36 were saved; all the rest perished in the icy waters. In 1999, after extensive research in the archives and a systematic search at sea, the wreck was finally located. In this enthralling account Alf R. Jacobsen presents a wealth of new information on the battle, together with interviews with some of those who took part.
The story was made into a television film in conjunction with the BBC.

"A book so crammed with facts, so full of overviews and continuity that it must be coined monumental." (Verdens Gang, Oslo)

First published: 2003 by Aschehoug
Alf R. Jacobsen: Biography and bibliography

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