Red August

Jacobsen, Alf R.: Rød august. Den virkelige historien om partisanenes skjebne

Full title: Red August. The Real Story of the Norwegian Partisans

Alf R. Jacobsen gives us a new and fascinating account of what happened during the Second World War in the far north of Norway. So far unknown documents and testimonies shed a new light on one of the biggest tragedies in Norwegian war history: the terror of 1943.

That year Fritz Pardon, a German first lieutenant, came across a sensational source: A Soviet commando solider was willing to disclose what he knew about Soviet espionage behind the German front lines in the Eastern part of Finnmark county. Over the next months a merciless man hunt was organised. The Norwegian partisans and their helpers were the targets. Nobody was spared; men, women and children were interrogated. In the end the entire Soviet intelligence network in northern Norway was rolled up, and more than seventy Norwegians were killed, tortured or imprisoned.

First published: 2005, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
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