Queen Maud’s Inheritance

Grimstad, Carl-Erik: Dronning Mauds arv

“A dirty attempt to defraud Queen Maud” was the inscription on the old letters and notes Carl-Erik Grimstad stumbled upon. These documents give us unique insight into the economic arrangements that were made when Prince Carl of Denmark, later King Haakon, and Maud got married in 1896, as well as the distribution of King Edward VII’s estate.
Never before have we come so close to the royal family’s private life. Perhaps the image of a harmonic relationship between the Norwegian and the British royal families must be reconsidered. And what consequences did the family feud about Queen Maud’s dowry have for the political game when Norway sought international recognition as an independent state in 1905?

First published: 2009, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Carl-Erik Grimstad: Biography and Bibliography

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