Basic Features of Norwegian History

Danielsen, Rolf (ed.): Grunntrekk i norsk historie. Fra vikingtid til våre dager

Full title: Basic Features of Norwegian History. From the Viking Age to the Present

At the end of the ninth century, the Norwegian chieftain, Ottar, visited King Alfred of England. Enthralled by the Norseman’s account of his homeland and travels, the King had it written down in Old English, resulting in one of the first known descriptions of Norway and Norwegians.

Today, Norway is no longer shrouded in mystery - it is regarded as one of the richest countries in the world. In this volume, five leading historians vividly chronicle Norway’s development from the days of the Vikings to our own time. The interplay between demographic, economic, social, and political development is the dominant perspective in this synthesis of Norwegian history.

Norway. A History From the Vikings to Our Own Times is the first single-volume academic history of Norway. It was originally published in Norwegian as a textbook for students attending a distance learning course in Norwegian history. Since the work was first published (1991), it has also been frequently used in other fields of study and education. The book has been translated into English to give both foreign university undergraduates and a broader international public a modern overview of Norwegian history.

Contents: Preface/Part I Down to 1536 (Knut Helle) The Country and the People/'Land of the Norsemen'/Population, Settlement, and the Economy until ca. 1350/Society During the Late Middle Ages/A Society Regulated by the Monarchy and the Church/The Great Crisis/The Political System of the Late Middle Ages/Part II 1536-1814 (Ståle Dyrvik) Union with Denmark/Demographic and Social Patterns/The Economy/Income and Power/The State and its Subjects/Denmark and Norway/The Union Collapses/Part III 1814-1945 (Rolf Danielsen and Edgar Hovland) The Consolidation of the New State/Recovery and Growth: the Norwegian Economy, 1815-75/The Civil Servants' State: Golden Age, Decline and Fall/Modern Norway Takes Shape, 1875-1920/The Political Sphere, 1884-1918/The Inter-War Years/Crisis and War: From Discord to Unity/Part IV The Years Since 1945 (Tore Grønlie) Reconstruction, Radical Change or Continuity?/A Quarter of a Century of Growth/The Welfare Society/A State in Search of Co-operation and Consensus/Norway - A Hesitant Internationalist/The Post-war Years in Perspective/Norwegian Governments After 1873/Chronology/Selected bibliography/Glossary of Norwegian Terms/Subject Index.

First published: 1995, Universitetsforlaget

Authors: Rolf Danielsen, Ståle Dyrvik, Tore Grønlie, Knut Helle, and Edgar Hovland
Published in Norwegian and English
Translations: Russian (Ves Mir, Moscow), Ukrainian

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