From Consensus to Catastrophe

Dahl, Ottar: Fra konsens til katastrofe

Loyalty, self-sacrifice, and hero worship were some of Italian fascism’s moral ideals. With its disdain for „bourgeois” attitudes based on a calm and safe existence, fascism regenerated old Roman virtues such as courage, vigour, strength, and fighting spirit. Against this background it becomes possible to characterize fascism as a „political religion”. Those who were actively engaged in the movement took on a fundamentally moral and religious aspect, reinforced by an undeviating demand for the individual’s complete subordination to the fellowship. A distinguishing characteristic was aggression against the established social order, liberalism, democracy, capitalism, and international socialism.

From Consensus to Catastrophe is a study of the special features and the development of Italian fascism. Ottar Dahl, who for years has worked on the history of fascism, directs attention, in this book, toward the connection between the flowering of fascism in the 1930s and the post-fascist tradition in post-war Italy. This is a concentrated and analytical study of the development of fascism and the subject of how, in the post-war period, fascistic ideas were integrated into the democratic system. The book primarily addresses those professionals in the field who are involved in the study of fascism but also all those who are interested in the history of ideology as well as modern Italian history.

Contents: Preface/Fascism in Political Theory and in the Writing of History/From Movement to State Power/The Regime/Ideology/Economic Policy and Development/Social Policy/Syndicalism and Corporatism/Racial Policy/From the Four Power Agreement to the Pact of Steel. Foreign Policy in the 1930s/War and Defeat. The Fall of the Regime (1940-43)/Invasion and Civil War (1943-45)/The Social Republic (1943-45)/The Fascist Tradition/Literature/Chronology/Abbreviations and Terms/Index

About the Author: Ottar Dahl is professor emeritus of history at the University of Oslo.

Publisher: Universitetsforlaget AS 1996
ISBN: 82-00-22607-7
136 pp, paperback

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