Heffermehl, Fredrik S.: Vanunu

In April 2004, after sixteen years of correspondence, Fredrik S. Heffermehl met his friend Mordechai Vanunu, one of the world’s most famous political prisoners, for the first time.

Vanunu managed to survive physically and mentally through 12 years of isolation in a cell no more than 6 square meters big; in itself an imposing expression of the enormous strength of human mind.

While Vanunu struggled for his survival, Heffermehl had a central position in the international campaign for the release of the political prisoner. After his release Vanunu continues to be persecuted by Israeli authorities. "Vanunu’s case is about high-level politics", Heffermehl says, "and thus a series of misunderstandings has been dispersed about Vanunu and his motives." In this book Heffermehl tells about Mordechai Vanunu and his background, about the dramatic kidnapping from London to Israel and about how he survived extreme punishment in the form of protracted isolation.

In today´s world dangerous projects flourish behind impenetrable doors, and Heffermehl explains how whistleblowers, insiders more loyal to society than to their superiors, are increasingly essential for our survival. The author has decades of experience with the attitudes of media and politicians to dissenters, and shares a rare insight into a vitally important political struggle largely hidden from the public

”A vital reminder of the importance of safeguarding the whistleblowers among us”

First published: 2005, Aschehoug Non-Fiction

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