Henrik Ibsen - The Man and the Artist

Haakonsen, Daniel: Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen - The Man and the Artist is considered a classic of Ibsen research. Its author, Professor Haakonsen draws upon the knowledge and experience gained during more than fifty years’ study of Ibsen’s life and literary output. Ibsen’s entire canon is examined. A wide selection of quotations from Ibsen’s letters, papers and private conversations add spice to its pages, and cast light on the life and work of this internationally renowned man of letters.

The result is a superb book in which a well-crafted text is married to a staggering amount of illustrative material. Not of least interest are the richly varied ways that great scenes from Ibsen’s plays are produced by directors and theatrical companies round the world.

In spite of its size the book is easy to navigate, with a chronicle of Ibsen’s life year by year, and an extensive index of names and works. The book also contains notes and a resumé of the fundamental literature about Ibsen.

This is an excellent, beautifully produced book about the great Norwegian dramatist who continues to take the world by storm. The author has managed to create a vital and variegated account of Ibsen’s life and creative work. The book also contains fresh, revelatory ideas and views, as well as a wealth of familiar and obscure quotations from Ibsen’s oeuvre and private papers. More than 450 selected illustrations help to make this book a gala performance.

Daniel Haakonsen was formerly professor at the Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature, University of Oslo. He has written numerous books and articles about Henrik Ibsen, and has been an active lecturer both in Norway and abroad.

Publisher: H. Aschehoug & Co. (W. Nygaard) 2003
ISBN: 82-03-18701-3
270 pages, hardcover

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