Kjetil André Aamodt – The next one is the best one

Gangdal, Jon: Den neste er den beste

Kjetil André Aamondt was once asked which of his medals had the highest ranking. He thought for a while, before he replied: “The next one is the best one”.

This is the story about the shy boy from the outskirts of Oslo who became one of the world’s best alpinists and greatest athletes. Kjetil lets us participate in the biggest ups and downs throughout his career: The good childhood. His relationship to his ambitious father, Finn Aamot. His sister AK, found the pressure to achieve in the slopes too hard to handle. His roommate Lasse Kjus, and all his other friends and competitors. The big championships, intoxication with victory and crushing defeats. All the injuries and the great comebacks.

Kjetil’s training philosophy runs like a connecting thread through this book: The one who wins most is the one who loves the sport the highest and who trains the most and the best, and who is willing to offer short term well-being for an even more meaningful life.

Praise for The next one is the best one:

"With the help of writer and Himalaya-climber Jon Gangdal, Kjetil André Aamodt tells an engaging and personal sports story. The Next One is the Best One is written from Aamodt’s point of view, and this technique works perfectly, more so than ever when he takes the reader down Kitzbühel and other nightmare slopes. Because Gangdal manages to sit on the inside of the medal machine’s head when he catches many of his most important triumphs"
(Nettavisen, Mads Kvernen Kleppe)

"The book about Aamodts sportscareer is informative and should be read for decades to come ... Rarely has a book been as informative as the book Kjetil André Aamodt has written about his life. Aamodt is perhaps Norway’s best athlete ever, measured in international success. The book tells us how he achieved this"
(Bent Mosfjell, Bokavisen)

First Published: Aschehoug Non-fiction 2006

Jon Gangdal : Bibliography and biography

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