Henrik Ibsen. The Man.

Figueiredo, Ivo De: Henrik Ibsen. Mennesket.

A one-volume international edition of Ivo de Figueiredo's biography of Ibsen is now available.

“This work should be both a narrative of the private and human life of the famous author and a description of the wider horizon around him; the social and historical context of his life and work. This double ambition has to be solved by literary ways of writing. My aim is, in short, to write a book of high professional quality that is also a good read.”

With these words, Ivo de Figueiredo gives his reasons for writing a new biography on one of the world’s most famous dramatists – a hundred years after Ibsen’s death. Ibsen’s contemporaneity is evident: His plays are performed from San Fransisco to Ougadougou; his works are reviewed and analysed in a seemingly never-ending stream of publications.

Although the literature on Ibsen is enormous most of the texts analyse his works, whereas the biographical and historical aspects of his life and work have received less attention. Admittedly, there are several biographies on Ibsen, most of them written by literati. However, up until now, no Ibsen biography fulfills all of the three essential requirements for biographies: to be well researched, well written and well updated. Previous titles often content themselves with forwarding established myths about Ibsen’s life. De Figueiredo has gone the long way to archives and other sources in order to reconstruct a wholly new and independent history on Ibsen’s life, thus managing to interweave the Man, the Author and his Works in one single narrative.

In de Figueiredo’s book, Ibsen’s life is well documented and new facts and theories on Ibsen are presented. Backed by a group of Norway’s leading Ibsen experts, de Figueiredo aspires to present no less than the new authoritative standard biography without sacrificing his own personal narrative voice. In other words, this biography addresses not only the academic but also the general public.

De Figueiredo had the same high ambitions for his previous book on Johan B. Hjort, a famous Norwegian barrister and public figure. For that biography the author was awarded the prestigious Brage Prize in 2002.

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First published: 2006, Aschehoug Non-fiction
Ivo de Figueiredo: Biography and bibliography

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