The Aryan Idol

Emberland, Terje and Bernt Roughtvedt: Det ariske idol

This is the story of Per Imerslund (1912-1943), a Norwegian soldier fighting during the Second World War with the Germans on the Eastern Front. It is the first Norwegian biography of its kind: a portrayal of the life of one of those who fought on "the wrong side" during the last World War and on Franco's side during the Spanish Civil War. The book's rich source material gives a glimpse into a traumatic and tragic adolescence in Mexico and uncovers the psychological driving forces behind Imerslund's burning Nazi engagement. For many, Per Imerslund himself was the incarnation of the ideal Nordic man, and he was used as a model for many of the propaganda posters of the Norwegian Nazis. This biography paints a picture of a conflicted and complex person and gives an interesting portrait of the ultra-nationalists' myths of an Aryan race and of their political goals.

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