Liv Ullmann - Lifelines

Bjørnstad, Ketil: Liv Ullmann - livslinjer

“Before I had the stroke, I was never ill. I was never old and never dead. And who am I now? I have been seriously ill. This woman who is now growing older and shy;– me – can now see through all the disguises that might have hindered her from calling herself by her true name. Perhaps, for the very first time, I am that woman. Now that I am able to glimpse the end of my fantasies and my dreams, my adventures as that woman can begin. In this twilight hour that is mine, it may be wonderful to grow old, to know of death and to know that I am a part of the universe, that I will go on, because if I am a part of the universe, then death is only one of the many things I will experience. It is not the end. I believe that God lives within me, just as he lives in others."

In this book Liv Ullmann shows new and surprising sides of herself and reflects on the lines of her life – people she has met, struggles she has had to fight, pleasures and sorrows she has experienced, as well as where she is in life right now.

Liv Ullmann had big international successes with her two books The Change (Forandringen, 1976) and Tidal Waters (Tidevann, 1984). Much has happened in her life since, and through all those years she has been making notes for a third book.

Ketil Bjørnstad, a well-known Norwegian author, has been introduced to this vast material including diaries from her youth and from her life with Ingmar Bergman. The meeting between Ullmann and Bjørnstad has resulted in a candid and frank book offering a close-up of the life and thoughts of a great artist.

Praise for Lifelines:

”A fascinating and mercilessly open-hearted portrayal”

“... an engaged and lyrical story about being a human… The actress talks about her life with a poetic sensitivity which appears strong and genuine”

”With an obvious confidence in Bjørnstad after several years of cooperation, Liv Ullmann allows him to enter her personal sphere, and reveals new sides of herself – and a series of incidents and stories that will be unknown to most people…filled with many interesting details from the life of the world-famous actress and director”

First published: 2005, Aschehoug

Ketil Bjørnstad: Biography and bibliography

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