Dream Master. Bendik Riis.

Bjørnstad, Ketil: Drømmemesteren Bendik Riis.

Several of our famous contemporary painters have hailed Bendik Riis (1911-1988) as the greatest Norwegian painter, next to Munch. It is only now that he is reaching a larger audience.

In this book, Ketil Bjørnstad tells us about Bendik Riis’ dramatic life. About how his childhood home in Fredrikstad was repossessed, about the rumors of his relationship to his sister, Valgjerd, and especially about his forced, long-term stay at Gaustad Mental Asylum. Bjørnstad thinks that Riis suffered serious abuse in the name of psychiatry – and Gaustad’s employees stole a significant number of his paintings. Paintings that go for large sums today.

Illustrated with many of Bendik Riis’ major works, and photographs of Riis and his family.

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