Norwegian Stave Church Sculpture. Vol 1

Hohler, Erla Bergendahl:

The stave churches are Norway’s most important contribution to the corpus of European medieval art. Their large carved portals have attracted popular attention for over 150 years, but they have not previously been presented to the international scholarly world in the detail they deserve.

This two-volume work with 1100 illustrations aims to be the standard work on the subject. Vol. I contains a catalogue of all preserved material from the Middle Ages: portals, capitals, bracket masks, chancel screens and furniture; approximately 950 objects, described and discussed in detail, with analytical drawings and individual bibliographies.

Vol. II presents Scandinavian research since 1837, deliberations on the history of the large portals, their designs, style and dates, and statements on construction methods of the craftsmen. Carved mainly in the period 1000-1300, they exhibit fine combinations of traditional and imported features, documenting international contacts as well as strong artistic currents within Norway.

There are good reasons why this book is a standard work. Not only is it written by professor of Art History, and Curator of the Medieval Department, Oslo University Museum of Antiquities,

Erla Bergendahl Hohler, but it is a fundamental work that will never lose its relevance.

Publisher: Universitetsforlaget AS 1999
ISBN (Vol. I): 82-00-12748-6
ISBN (Vol. II): 82-00-12744-3
265 pp, hardback (Vol. I)
335 pp, hardback (Vol. II)
Published in English

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