The World of Music - The History of Classical Music

Herresthal, Harald: Musikkens verden - Den klassiske musikkens historie

An entertaining and informative introduction to classical music, THE WORLD OF MUSIC is written for non-specialists, for people who wish to increase their appreciation of the music they listen to on the radio, on CD, in the concert hall or on television, and who want to learn more about what they hear.

The book charts the history of music from the first known written sources in Asia in ancient times all the way up to the latest developments in Western musical culture. While placing the emphasis on the classical music of Europe, it also explores the influence of popular music of the 19th and 20th century on serious music. Jazz, electronic music and other new musical styles are also placed within the greater context of musical history.

With a detailed list of contents and extensive index, THE WORLD OF MUSIC is an excellent reference book, as well as an authoritative survey.


”Excellently told and highly readable ... Herresthal tells his story with joy and enthusiasm.”
( Aftenposten)

”All in all the book is a goldmine with a comprehensive introduction to the strange world of music, written by someone who knows his subject and has the ability to pass his knowledge on to others.”

First published: 2007, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Harald Herresthal: Biography and bibliography

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