Bitter Almonds. Authors of Kabul

Eide, Elisabeth and Eugene Schoulgin (eds.): Bitre mandler. 18 forfattere i Kabul

For a long time they were isolated from the outside world, but now they want to raise their voices over the borders of Afghanistan. Bitter Akmonds. Authors of Kabul is the result of two Norwegian authors' meetings with Afghan colleagues in Kabul.

In this anthology Elisabeth Eide and Eugene Schoulgin present Afghan authors through their texts - poetry, short stories and excerpts from novels, translated from Dari, Pashtu and Uzbek. Some of the texts are also available in English and French translations. In interviews the eighteen authors tell of their varied and dramatic experiences with war, prison, oppression and exile. Many of them are sorrowful, but not broken, optimistic, but not naïve. They are first and foremost bearers of a proud literary tradition.

The Afghan authors presented in this book are:

Habibullah Rafi, Khaleda Froagh, Waheed Warusta, Rahnaward Zariab, Muheb Baresh, Khaleda Tahsin, Khaled Navissa, Asadullah Walwaliji, Safia Siddiqi, Mahrokh Niaz, Partaw Naderi, Razak Mahmoon, Alem Kohkan, Naheed Barashdost, Hussain Fakhri, Yagana and Raihan Yusuf and Abdul Samay Hamed.

First publishhed: 2004, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Elisabeth Eide: Biography and bibliography
Eugene Schoulgin: Biography and bibliography

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