Sonorous Sayings

Daliot, Yisrael: Klingende ord. Samtaler med Arne Nordheim

Full title: Sonorous Sayings. Conversations with Arne Norheim

Arne Nordheim's multifarious works spring from such literary figures as Ovid and Shakespeare, Dante and Shelley, Per Lagerkvist and Stein Mehren - to name but a few. The main theme of Klingende ord is Nordheim's use of literary texts in his compositions, either as a source of inspiration or in direct interplay with the music. These conversations between Nordheim and Yisrael Daliot afford an insight into the composer's philosophy of life through his comments on his reasons for choosing the texts he has, which always relate to the place in life of the individual.

First published: 2001, Aschehoug Non-Fiction

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