Nora, You're Lying! A Study of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House

Boger, Kirsti and Inge S. Kristiansen: Nora du lyver! En studie i Henrik Ibsens Et dukkehjem

Anyone who has been under the impression that Nora Helmer is a great heroine, a model woman engaged in a noble struggle for liberation from male chauvinist civic values, will now have to reassess their views. For this is quite wrong, according to the husband and wife writing team, Kirsti Boger and Inge S. Kristiansen. In reality, Nora is little more than a liar - a sad, spineless female, with not a thought in her head except for the pleasures and amusements of life.

The book reveals that a careful scrutiny of the play shows Ibsen’s text to be equivocal and double-edged. By reading A DOLL’S HOUSE "the other way round", the authors show how contours of a new play become visible. And this time the theme is not a woman who has the courage to achieve self-fulfilment, but a dazzled creature rushing headlong towards perdition.

For A DOLL’S HOUSE is not primarily concerned with the women’s issue, but with far graver things - like sin and atonement, and salvation or damnation on Judgement Day. We are dealing with something mendacious, something not so obvious at first glance maybe: a religious drama of destiny.

This is a book that demolishes accepted patterns of interpretation and understanding. The authors manage this by carefully basing their ideas on Ibsen’s own words, and by revisiting the play over and over again with sharp eyes and alert minds. This book provides a unique opportunity to become better acquainted with one of Ibsen’s most important plays. The authors put their ideas across with great verve.

Publisher: H. Aschehoug & Co (W. Nygaard) 1994
ISBN: 82-03-17426-4
199 pages, paperback

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