Painted Wooden Sculpture in Norway C. 1100 - 1250

Blindheim, Martin:

A wealth of early painted wooden sculpture can still be found in Norway. The sculptures discussed in this study, 62 pieces made between c. 1100 and 1250, were generally overlooked by pre-war Norwegian art historians.

In this work the author has clarified the iconography, style and sources of influence of whole groups and of single specimens of this important body of work.

This book also makes this relatively unknown material available. It presents all the Romanesque painted wooden sculptures from Norwegian medieval churches.

With 108 illustrations, 26 in colour, this study aims to be the standard work on the subject. It is a galvanising book that fosters delight in discovery. Not only is it rich in visual material from the world of art, but it is also accompanied by an impressive wealth of knowledge and the ability to communicate it.

Publisher: Universitetsforlaget AS 1998
ISBN: 82-00-37681-8 160 pp, hardback
Published in English

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