The Devil's Dance. An Introduction to Norwegian and Sami Folk Music

Askdal, Bjørn and Svein Nyhus: Fanitullen. Innføring i norsk og samisk folkemusikk

The Devil’s Dance is an introduction to Norwegian and Sami folk music, and the book is the first comprehensive work on this subject. Topics reviewed include:

  • folk instruments and the way they are played
  • dance forms and dance music
  • vocal music and the Sami musical tradition
  • performers and traditions
  • the role of folk music in the community
  • the collection and institutionalisation of folk music
  • special themes such as tonality and notation

THE Devil’s Dance is principally intended as a textbook for students of folk music and as an introduction for students of other musical genres. In addition, The Devil’s Dance will be of interest to the rising number of active exponents of folk music and dance, and to all those who are interested in this aspect of their cultural heritage. The book has a large number of photographic illustrations, drawings and examples of notation. It has been written by performers and leading researchers in the field of folk music and dance, and brilliantly succeeds in keeping a balance between practical and theoretical material.

Publisher: Universitetsforlaget AS 1993
ISBN: 82-00-21692-6
448 pages, hardcover

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