The Book of Writing

Andersen, Merete Morken: Skriveboka

Merete Morken Andersen has years of experience with the art of writing – as a writer of fiction, a publishing editor and as a teacher of both fiction and non-fiction writing. Now she has collected everything she knows on the subject in The Book of Writing, an entertaining and extensive introduction to writing, reading and working with language.

Starting out with her general theory of the phases of creative writing (“the model of the five muses”), Andersen proceeds to give thorough and very practical advice for writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Another chapter focuses on tips and thoughts on practical aspects of the writer’s life. Andersen also writes about how language works in different kinds of less literary language situations, such as speeches, love letters and internet blogs. And then there is the part about and writing for therapeutical reasons or in order to explore one’s inner self

This is the book for anybody wanting to develop their personal voice in writing, and for anybody wanting to get started with their writing project. The book can be used both as a reference book and as a practical handbook, full of tips and tricks and advice regarding writing techniques. Interspersed are also conversations with other writers, discussing the various aspects of writing.

The Book of Writing is a writer’s bible and a pair of jump leads for people with a desire to write. It teaches the reader to make their language ability and imagination come alive – and to use writing to explore themselves.

First published: 2008, Aschehoug Fiction
Merete Morken Andersen: Biography and bibliography

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