Every Time You Leave Me

Linnéa Myhre: Hver gang du forlater meg Winner of ARKs 2016 "Book of the year Award"

Intense and unpleasant about all-consuming love.

It´s over. Even though he says he loves her, he just can’t anymore. He needs time alone, to figure out who he is without her. You deserve something else, something better, he says. Not me. Still, he keeps coming back. Knocking on her door, calling, texting. Asking her to share the evening, spend the night, only to leave again by daylight.

All she knows is that he is the love of her life.  

 “Every time you leave me” is a raw and mature novel about merciless twenty-something love. A love so obsessive every minutiose aspect is crucial, where the body needs to be constantly crafted, where each scentence must be carefully planned.

Linnéa Myhre (b.1990) is one of Norways top bloggers. She made her literary debut in 2012 with the novel Forever Sunday, followed by Dearest (2015). Every time you leave me, is her third novel.


From the reviews:

«Every time you leave me» is a successful account of how an all-consuming love can make two people loose themselves. And of when it is all over, how hard it can be to regain what is lost. (VG)

Her imagery is striking. (Dagbladet)

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