Bugge, Mikkel: Yttersider

"Do you have any idea how tiring it is to take care of people? At first you think it will be a piece of cake, but after a while, people start trusting you, they even load all this responsibility on to you, they think you can take all their burdens for them, but it was too much for me. Those who say that responsibilities weigh on your shoulders have never had any, you carry responsibilities in your hands, and carrying responsibilities has consequences, just take a look at this,” he says, and holds out the stubs of his arms.

The cities are emptied of people and one man is trying to save humanity, a retired couple emigrates to Eastern Europe and an old lady is battling her own intellect, jeopardising lives. The sort stories of Perimeters are bold and humorous stories from the verges of existence.

Praise for Perimeters:

”Surprising and courageous … one of this year’s finest debutants.”

”Original and confident about life itself”
(Bergens Tidende)

”An interesting and daring project … Bugge shows a keen eye, and he is not one to let conventions control him”

”In an at times unusually strong collection of short stories, the debutant Mkkel Bugge portrays the brutality of life from cradle to grave … The opening story makes an exceptionally strong impression.”

”An awfully strong debut … I cannot remember reading anything quite like this!”

”A collection of short stories which from the first page till the last shows unusual independence”
(Dagens Næringsliv)

”Fearless and distinctive debut … impressive range of characters … a distinctive and already confident voice, from which there is every reason to expect more”

”Convincing about people in borderline states … great authority and credibility”
(Stavanger Aftenblad)

”These short stories gash. They gash and push and poke into the existential through for example the old lady who lose her senses, the mother who dies and the situation where the cities are actually emptied of people. Mikkel Bugge deals with life on the edges, on the borderlands of society – and our own mentality. This critic can do nothing but stand up and applaud.”
(Ny Tid)

First published: 2007, Forlaget Oktober
Mikkel Bugge: Biography and bibliography

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